The laser production line of Crytur covers laser rods, laser components and complex solutions based on proprietary materials grown, processed and coated within a single production facility with a strict controll over the whole process.

  • Czochralski crystal growth with automatic diameter control
  • Grinding, cutting and polishing according to MIL standards
  • Ion assisted coating of dielectric AR, HR or OC mirrors, coating and sputtering of metal mirrors
  • Quality control + measurement: dopant concentration, absorption UV - IR, parallelism, flatness, surface figure S/D, double- pass interferogram, extinction ratio, output energy in puls and CW laser. Quality parameters are carefully measured with: 
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for measurement of chemical composition of crystals
  • Zygo double pass interferometers – for WFD and parallelism measurements
  • Autocollimators for parallelism measurement
  • Optical microscopes for surface and bulk inspection
  • Nomarski microscopes for surface inspection
  • UV-VIS-NIR and IR spetrophotometers
  • Extinction ratio measurement
  • Bulk + coating transmittance at 1064 nm
  • Active measurements in free-running and Q-switched lasers