Thin-disk laser head DLH 01

Thin-disk laser head DLH 01
OEM high-power compact pump module for micromachining, metals cutting, surface processing lasers, lasers for biomedical applications and high-power R&D laser laboratories

Key features

Thin-disk pump module DLH 01 designed for 

  • Micromachining, metals cutting, surface processing lasers

  • Lasers for biomedical applications

  • High-power R&D laser laboratories


Pump Spot Characteristics

For laser disks allowing pump spot diameters
of 2.8 – 5.2 mm; the size of the pump spot
can be modified on demand


Measured pump spot size 4.6mm
(6.1 kW/cm2 @ 1000W pump)
Tested at HiLASE center, Czech Republic

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Laser type Solid-state diode-pumped thin-disk laser
Laser beam wavelength Designed for 1030 nm or other thin-disk module provided by Crytur
Pumping 940 or 969 nm with a pump spot diameter of up to 5 mm
Pump power Pump chamber allows for 32 passes of pump light over disk with pump
power up to 1000 W
Operating conditions ISO7 cleanroom (class 10 000) or equivalent enclosure, 15 - 30°C
(59 - 86 °F), humidity <70%, demi water cooling
Overall dimensions 115 mm (4.5”) height, 125 mm (4.9”) width, 230 mm (9”) length
Weight 6.5 kg (14.33 lb)


Additional Parameters
Coupling 0.22 NA pump fiber, LLK-HP type fiber connector, or SMA 905
Thin-disk module Laser gain medium thin-disk bonded onto a heat-sink substrate
Practical adjustment of the laser disk position and tilt
Thin-disk module dimensions 16 mm diameter, 2 or 3 mm thickness
Integrability Allows integration in a laser processing station or a laboratory-style laser setup
Beam height 50 mm
Highly stable laboratory version suitable also for laser R&D purposes
Preset, alignment, and performance test for each module before shipment

Installation Requirements



For laser operation, a dust-free environment
is required: ISO7 cleanroom, class 10 000,
or equivalent dust-free enclosure.

Dust will cause slow degradation of the laser
disk surface and may lead to its damage.

A water connection is necessary for the
operation of the laser head. The following
specifications of the cooling water connection
must be fulfilled:

Pressure:   2-5 bar
Temperature:  14 - 25 °C
Laser disk flow rate:  2 l/min
Laser disk flow rate:  2 l/min
Connections:  standard fittings for tubes with an outer diameter of 4 and 6 mm
Required water quality:  filtered distilled water with IPA is recommended