Ti:Sapphire elements

Ti:Sapphire elements
Titan sapphire high FOM brewster or perpendicular elements


CRYTUR grows titanium doped sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) crystals using the Czochralski growth method. A special protective atmosphere applied during crystal growth and post growth annealing result in a very good lasing efficiency and high Figure of merit (FoM) of our crystals. Our production line covers crystal growth, machining and coating technologies.

Standard production of Ti:Sapphire elements includes:

  • Ti dopant concentrations from 0.05 % up to 0.3 at. % of Ti (corresponding to absorption coefficient 1-7 cm-1 @532 nm)
  • Perpendicular or Brewster cut
  • Polishing according to DIN and MIL standards
  • A wide variety of anti-reflection, partial or high reflection coating
  • FoM values greater than 100 or 200 (based on concentration of Ti)


Ti:Sapphire elements