Scintillation screens

Scintillation screens
Scintillation screens are supplied in a wide range of shapes and sizes specific to the clients needs or project specification

Imaging screens

Scintillation crystals processed to thin flat surface plates serve as excellent imaging screens with high spatial resolution. Extraordinary scintillation characteristics, high optical homogeneity, perfect surface flatness and high resistance are the key factors influencing the quality of the resulting radiography or readout. 

Crytur's imaging screens are most suitable for electron beams, proton beams, low energy x-rays, UV light, VUV and XUV radiation.


  • High optical quality
  • High homogeneity of luminescence
  • Thickness, excellent face parallelism
  • Chemical resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Temperature resistance



Standard scintillation materials used for imaging screens include YAG:Ce, LuAG:Ce and YAP:Ce. Both garnet materials - YAG:Ce and LuAG:Ce - provide excellent properties for imaging with lower energies. The emission spectra of both crystals make them ideal for consecutive photodiode and avalanche photodiode readout. On the other hand YAP:Ce is suitable for readout in the UV.

The use of each material depends strongly on the desired output. We will always recommend the right material to fit your project upon project specification. 


Precise processing allows us to deliver a wide variety of scintillation screens from standard or large diameter screens down to extremely thin screens with only 5 micrometer thickness! 





We can provide  imaging screens in the following dimension ranges  depending on the type of the screen. Diameter Thickness
   LARGE DIAMETER SCREENS  up to 105 mm down to 200 µm
    STANDARD SCREENS typically up to 50 mm typically 100-1000 µm

up to 50 mm

up to 10 mm


down to 50 µm

down to 20 µm

 YAP:Ce screens  

up to 50 mm

up to 10 mm


down to 100 µm

down to 50 µm


up to 10 mm

up to 50 mm


down to 20 µm

down to 50 µm


 up to 40 mm

 up to 30 mm


10 µm

 5 µm

Support, marking, coating

Support and frames


Imaging screens may be either coupled to an underlying substrate with adhesives in order to achieve better optical readout or inserted into frames for easier manipulation. Ultra-thin screens are supplied on substrates only.


Supporting substrates for imaging screen

Frames, rings and flanges

  • fiber optics
  • glass
  • quartz glass
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • ceramic (alumina)




Marking and coating

For easier beam visualisation we can provide customized marking such as a grid, cross or scale on the surface of the screen.


Optional surface coatings:

  • reflection coatings – Al, Au or dielectric layer
  • antireflection coating
  • diffusion painting – TiO2, Al2O3
  • conductive coatings - Al, ITO, C